01  Are your payments secure?

Yes. Transactions are processed by Stripe. Millions of companies of all sizes—from startups to Fortune 500s—use Stripe’s software to accept payments and send payouts. Stripe accepts a variety of cards and digital wallets. You can also pay by check or bank transfer.

 02  Are your prices fixed?

The prices on my product pages are estimates. I will give you a more accurate price when we have talked and I submit my proposal.

 03  Do you guarantee your work?

I guarantee I will deliver what I promise in my proposal. But you can cancel a project anytime and only pay for the work done up to that point.

 04  Is a contract required?

My proposal spells out what you want so there are no misunderstandings. When you agree with the terms, you will electronically sign. It’s not in your best interest to hire me until we decide on a project’s scope, timeline, and cost. It’s not in my best interest to begin work before you have made an initial payment. 

05  What does your proposal cover?

You and I define the job to be done, decide on terms, and sign the proposal. We will make room for you to change your mind or tweak stories as we go. You are part of the process. It’s your project, and I want you to be happy with it.

 06  How many revisions do I get?

I’ll submit a draft copy of your brand story and polish up your text so it will fit your voice. Remember, revisions often result from unclear conceptualization. So, before I write, we will work closely to ensure that we agree on what the piece should accomplish. Then, I will submit an outline for your approval. When we follow that process, there won’t be much to revise in the final copy. But if it needs revising, I’ll do it.​​