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Ghostwriting That Sets You Apart From the Crowd

You tell the stories, I do the writing, you get the credit.

Be The
In Your Market

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Your stories put your values in context. They are proof that you have paid your dues and know what you're talking about
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A Good Brand Story
Connects YOU to

Use Your Stories To Establish A Uniform Message Across Platforms

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Create a shared vision for the future among your family and colleagues

Preserve Your  Legacy

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Shareable Content

Stories drive word-of-mouth and create buzz around you, your products, and your services
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Expand Your Influence

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Increase Revenue

Marketing Assets

A compelling brand story, backed by action, fulfills a customer's know-like-trust cycle and compels them to act
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Wayne Jordan, Ghostwriter

"Wayne is a very dynamic person with exceptional speaking skills. He conveys his message well, and captivates [his] audience. On a personal level, he is very candid, forthcoming, and is extremely willing to help at a moment's notice. His ability to win multiple speaking awards at Toastmasters International speaks for itself." 

Allan Tsang, Negotiation Coach, Founder

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Member, National Storytelling Network

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