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Brand Storytelling That Sets You Apart From the Crowd

A Good Brand Story Connects YOU to YOUR CLIENTS and CUSTOMERS
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Your Stories
Marketing Gold
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Branding is more than colors and logos.
It represents
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Stories drive word-of-mouth and create buzz around your products and services
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A good brand story, backed by action, fulfills a customer's know-like-trust cycle and compels them to act
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Wayne Jordan, Copywriter

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“Wayne brought our story about our company to life!  His engaging writing style has brought us a new steady stream of new contacts and leads.

A mutual friend told me about Wayne, and I’m sure glad she did.

For a different set of eyes on any of your marketing material I highly recommend Wayne and his twist of seeing your company in ways you would never imagine. He knocked it out of the park for us.”

Patti Clark, Publisher, The Happy Thrifter Shopper

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