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Speaker giving a talk on corporate Business Conference. Audience at the conference hall. B

 from $900

  • Audience-focused

  • Highlights your expertise

  • Clear messaging

  • Problem-based and solution-centered

    • For time-strapped pros

    • Unseasoned presenters

    • Novice speakers

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A Well-Written Speech Won’t Guarantee A Successful Presentation
But A Poorly Written Speech Will Guarantee Failure

We all know it’s true: something spoken carries more weight than your words alone. Your tone of voice, volume, body language, and facial expressions frame your words and bring them to life.

But you also need a clear and well-organized message.

Your presentation’s effectiveness is a combination of your message (the words) and your delivery.

My Speech Writing Service Is Ideal For:

  • Experienced but time-strapped presenters. I can create a speech that will clearly make the points you want to make

  • Unseasoned presenters who need help clarifying and organizing their message

  • Novice presenters who don’t know where to start


Let’s Have A Conversation About Your Speech


I’ll need to know the following:

  • The speech’s purpose: inform, convince, entertain, motivate, or special occasion

  • Key points

  • How long you must speak

  • The venue

  • Your deadline

  • Your audience: what is the common interest that ties them together

  • Your qualifications: why were you asked to give the speech

  • Your public speaking experience/training

How To Deliver Your Message


You’ll want to start your speech by getting everyone’s attention, including the fidgety folks who don’t want to be there. A personal story that your audience can relate to is suitable for this. Then, you must capture their interest by telling them how they (or their customers) will benefit from the information you share. Next, offer your key points. Share another story, quote, or metaphor that illustrates why your message is important. Finally, leave with a compelling reason to act on your message.

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