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Site Content Audit

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What You Get
  • Discover strengths, weaknesses, opportunities

  • 21-point checklist

  • Written report

  • Oral report

with any order over $1,200

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What Is A Site Content Audit Report And Why Do I Need One?

My Content Audit Report reflects a page-by-page review of your website.

This analysis determines if your pages reflect your:

  • Brand promise

  • Value proposition

  • Key competitive differences


With this information, I can identify which improvements will drive results.

Here are the categories I analyze in each report:

Messages and Keywords

Your brand message must be clear. Your messages and keywords must support your marketing goals. I do this by evaluating:

  1. How easily your customers and prospects can find you online  

  2. If your primary message is clear

  3. If prospects and customers can quickly grasp these key points from your site:

  4. Your company name and location

  5. The central promise your company makes to a customer

  6. The products, services, and help you offer

  7. How your company solves a customer's problem

  8. How to learn more, sign up for services, or contact your company


User-friendliness (Ease of use and navigation)

I measure each page against a 21-point usability checklist.

Overall Site Findings: Positives (example)

  • Bright colors, images, and clean white space make the site visually appealing.

  • Contact buttons are appropriate for the banner with logo and positioning line.

  • The content on each page is organized into short sections and bullets.


Overall Site Findings: Opportunities (example)

  • Opportunities to optimize content for visitors and search engines are missed throughout your site. Of greatest concern is keyword density. Remember, your content must engage readers and offer search engine bots clues for indexing (through keywords). This means some of your site's content may not be indexed correctly, which means it won't be found. Content that can't be found won't be read, and you have wasted time and money creating it.

  • Also, user experience can be improved by increasing headings and tags. Most readers glance at headlines, read the first paragraph, and then scan headings to see if a page offers the information they seek. If so, they will take a closer look. If not, they jump to another website. With some simple usability and messaging improvements, you'll increase conversions on your site.


Section and Page Findings and Recommendations For:

  • Home page

  • Sub-pages

  • Graphics

  • Navigation

  • Metadata

  • Keywords

  • Grammar and spelling

  • Internal and external linking

  • Product/service features and benefits

  • Competitive analysis

  • Mobile responsive

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