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Press Release

White card with the text PRESS RELEASES in a craft envelope on a work desk with a modern l


  • ~300 word written release

  • 300+ live placements

  • Interview

  • Unique angle

  • Your logo

  • Brand authority

  • SEO optimized

  • Quick turnaround

  • Full submission report

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Press Release FAQ

 01   How long does it take to complete an order?

The standard turnaround is five business days. If you need something faster or have a very large order, let's talk about it.

 02   Do you include images?

I include your company logo at the top of the release. When you submit your logo, it should be in jpg or png format.




 03  What contact information do you include?

 I include press contact details alongside your website URL at the bottom of the release. These must be included and are typical of any PR release. I do not include anchor texts, just the website URL.




 04  If I don't like the release, will you make changes? 

Of course. You’ll have 10 days to request amendments to the first draft. Your project will be re-submitted to you within 2 days.

 05  What format is the release submitted in? 

I write all press releases in a shareable Google Doc to make it easy for you to share projects with your clients or co-workers. Other formats are available by request.

 06  Can I provide my title or headline? 

Yes, but I'll probably rewrite it. Headlines can be tricky. They must be newsworthy with a clear intent in order to be accepted by journalists and press channels. The announcement must also be recent. Your headline should be under 18 words, with an active verb and a subject. It must also clearly represent the content.

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