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Be A Guest On The Brand Backstory Podcast
Free to the first 25 registrants. Registration opens January 2023. 

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Will tens of thousands hear you? Probably not. But you will get an edited interview audio file, a backlink to your website, and a raw transcript to post on your site. As a bonus, you'll get an audiogram for social media! Podcast launches March 2023

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Five Reasons To Be A Guest On The Brand Backstory Podcast

1. Focus on Your Message
A brand backstory allows a reader to experience your journey while promoting your brand, building brand loyalty, and creating trust. It explains why your brand exists. It creates a sense of identity, purpose, and mission that your product—by itself—cannot. And when your listeners believe your story, you also give them a reason to believe in your brand.


2. Build Customer Trust
Your story proves that you have paid your dues and know what you're talking about. It's the story of you, your mission, and how your brand fulfills your mission. It's the story that links you to your brand. At its essence, a brand story isn't about your company. Your company is the construct, but the story's goal is to create a connection with your customers.


3. Expand Your Influence
When people feel like they know you, believe in your mission, and see themselves in your story, they want to share those feeling with others. That's what drives "Likes" on social media. There's no better way to share your story than through a podcast.


4. Generate Shareable Content
I turn podcast snippets into audiograms for social platforms like Facebook. LinkedIn, and others, each linking to your website. Podcast audiograms are like movie trailers: They use audio, video, and text, as well as a short clip from the episode, to get people interested. They are much more interesting than a text link. Plus, only podcasts offer them.


Audiograms stand out from other types of content on social media because they are visually different. They stand out in a feed of social media posts. They work on every social media site that lets you share videos.

Here’s a sample audiogram from my Flip It or Skip It podcast episode #85 on Queen Elizabeth collectibles:





5. Get More Traffic to Your Sites
One measure of website authority is the number of backlinks to your site. Every podcast you're on is at least one link to your website, LinkedIn profile, Facebook, or whatever your home base is. With each podcast you appear on, you will link to the show notes, the transcript, and promotional materials.

Audiogram sample, your images are used

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