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Book a Call, Request a Proposal

Here’s my 4-step discovery and proposal process.

Scroll to the bottom to find my booking calendar.

1. Begin by scheduling a discovery call via my calendar at the bottom of this page. In our conversation we will talk about you, your business, your customers, and your goals. Then, we discuss which content types might help you reach your goals. I’ll give you a price on these, but the price is negotiable depending on the type and frequency of the content you need.

2. I’ll send you the details of our discussion in proposal form. I’ll outline your costs, deliverables, time frame, milestones, and payment options.

3. Of course, you’ll have time to think about it and make modifications. Take your time. Shop around. If we work together, you must feel you’re getting the quality, value, and connection you need. But don’t wait too long; the proposal has an expiration date. Because I’m a solo freelancer, I work on a first-come-first-served basis.

4. When you are satisfied with our agreement, you sign the proposal electronically. You will be immediately billed for your first installment (or payment in full, depending on what we have discussed). I accept payment through Stripe, so you can pay electronically. Subsequent installments will be invoiced according to our plan.  

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