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StoryFirst Memoir MethodTM Coaching

Three Coaching Options:

1. Self-paced Video & Workbook

2. On-demand Hybrid

3. One-to-One Private

Learn how to:
  • Unlock your memories
  • Identify your best stories
  • Tell your stories well
  • Stay organized
  • Stay motivated
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Option #1: Self-paced Video & Workbook

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Option #2: On-Demand Hybrid Coaching System
Work At Your Own Pace. Get Help When You Need It

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Group Hike

24/7 Online Access

Weekly Group Coaching

Stuck? Get advice from the coach and tips from your peers.

Accountability Group

Stay on track by partnering with others in the group. Give and get  encouragement 

One-year All Access Only $ lorum ipsum

Now included With Option #2
Record Your Stories to
The Voice Library
TM 24/7 via cellphone, landline, computer, or mobile app. 

Private 1-on-1 Coaching
A turnkey solution for getting your memoir done. You tell the stories, I do the writing, you get the credit.
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Your stories put your values in context. They are proof that you have paid your dues and know what you're talking about.

No one will read the text if your story falls flat. First, we get your story right. I confidently guide you through that process. 

Then, I write and polish your story under your name.

Included With Option #3:
  • Your Story In Audiobook and Print Formats 

  • 1-to-1 Story Coaching

  • Edited & Polished Transcripts

  • Edited Audio Files In mp3, wav

  • Customized project scope 

  • Prices vary with project size

  • Pay-as-you-go

  • Work to your schedule, pause if you need to.

Schedule Discovery Call for Project Proposal and Price Estimate

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Book Services

Pain-Free Print Publishing

What kind of book do you visualize? I collaborate with a variety of publishers and design services to provide:

  • Paperbacks & Hardcovers​

  • eBooks

  • Cover design

  • Photos & graphics

  • Bulk printing

  • Print-on-Demand 

Services start @

Ask for a custom quote

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Why is the StoryFirst MethodTM Your Best Choice For Creating A Memoir?

StoryFirst guides you through TELLING your stories and getting them into audio files. You record as-you-go on your phone, your computer, or other device. Then, I show you how to use technology to turn the audio files into print: no typing, no formatting, no narrative writing skills needed. Just tell the stories. Then, when you are finished and happy with the result, you (or an editor) can polish it up and turn it into a book (if that’s what you want to do). But let’s get the story right first, and then think about publishing.

Your life stories—told one at a time—become your memoir. Telling stories is more fun than fussing with writing. If you enjoy the process, you will finish the memoir. You’ll have fun along the way. It won’t become a tedious chore. You'll be surprised how quickly the pages add up.

Other benefits of this approach are:

  1. Oral storytelling is more personal than telling a story on written pages. It allows your family, colleagues, and friends to hear your story in your voice. The nuances of your speech—tone of voice, volume, emphasis—are as important to your story as the words you use. Those can’t be picked up in print.

  2. Audio is more accessible than text. That’s why podcasts and audiobooks are so popular. You can listen to audio anywhere: in the car, in the kitchen, or while you exercise. Anywhere.

  3. Because it’s quicker. Most people are not trained writers. Too often, memoirists get bogged down in grammar, spelling, and sentence structure to the detriment of their story. With the StoryFirst method, you can build momentum and enthusiasm for the project.

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