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Content Blitz

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  • Audio Interview

  • Interview transcript

  • SEO Article from transcript

  • Blog post from article

  • Video script from blog post

  • Video from script

  • 3 Audiograms for Social Media

  • Article web syndication

  • Publication-ready formats in Word, pdf, mp3, mp4

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Content Blitz FAQ

 01   Must I come to your studio to record the interview? 

No. I use a remote service that allows for separate participant tracks. All audio is recorded locally and progressively uploaded to the cloud. This process allows for clearer sound and more efficient editing.

 02   What equipment do I need for the audio recording?

You'll need a desktop computer or laptop and a high-speed internet connection. For the best sound quality, you'll need headphones and a microphone. A combination mic/headset is fine. If we must, we can also record using a phone. 


 03  What format is the audio file?

The original format is a wav file because it has better signal strength. After editing, the wav file is saved as an mp3 for better distribution. You will get the edited wav and mp3 files. 



 04   What about the transcript? Is it raw or edited?

The episode is transcribed from the final edited audio file. It is then text-edited for clarity. No need to be concerned about missteps when you are speaking. I'll attempt to clean up the text without affecting your speaking style. 

 05  How long is the interview? 

After a brief get-acquainted chat, the interview will be about 20-30 minutes. I will edit the interview down to about 10-15 minutes. 

 06  What will we talk about?  

We can discuss this on a discovery call. Then, I'll send you a list of talking points and the questions I'll be asking. You will have plenty of time to prepare. 

 07 How long is the article?

It's based on the interview length. A typical speaking speed is about 140 wpm. If the interview is 10 minutes long, then the article will be around 1200 words, give or take. I syndicate the article to 100+ news and Web outlets.

 08   How long is the blog post? 

The blog post will summarize the article. It's around 500 words.

 09  How long is the video? 

The video is scripted to be around 2 minutes, perfect for YouTube. 

 10  What is an Audiogram?  

An audiogram is your logo or a photo overlayed with a 50-60 second sound bite from your interview. It's designed for Social Media. Ideally, each audiogram should have a different picture and sound bite. 

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