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Blog to Video

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  • 16:9 Landscape view

  • Turn your blog posts into videos

  • Script writing

  • Voiceover included

  • HQ B-roll (stock) footage

  • Premium background music

~1 minute  $295
~3 minutes $395
~5 minutes $495

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Blog to Video FAQ

 01   Are these prices firm? 

Yes, if you want them one video at a time. But I offer discounts for quantity and frequency, as well as short and long-term contracts. Most of my clients prefer to develop a content plan with a mix of various content and promotional items. We negotiate a price and payment plan for the final package.

 02  Do you write the blog post and script

I can, or we can use a post or article you already have. If you already have something you want to convert to a video, simply supply me with the URL of your postI will then create a one, three, or five-minute script. A key element is that you own the rights to whatever you use. I take intellectual property issues seriously.

 03  Who does the audio voiceover?

I can, you can, or we can use a voiceover service. There are pros and cons to each. Most of my clients prefer to use the voiceover service because they can choose between male, female, child, UK, US, or AU artists. The voiceover will have a professional and clear tone. 

 04   What is HQ B-roll footage?

These are professionally filmed stock footage clips. I choose clips that are appropriate for (and don't distract from) your message. From these, my team creates a professional, branded video, highlighting important points with clean text overlays and a voiceover.

 05 What if I don't like the result

If I don't think I can meet your expectations, I won't take the job. These videos are assembled from ready-made parts adapted to your needs. They are not custom made and are priced accordingly. If you want a custom video, you need to hire a videographer and a production company. 

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