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LinkedIn Profile



  • Up to 90-minute interview

  • Fourteen-point checklist

  • Headline

  • Contact details

  • Background

  • About section

  • Featured content 

  • Keywords & hashtags


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LinkedIn Profile FAQ

 01   Is your price firm? 

Yes, unless it becomes part of a larger package deal. Then it will be discounted along with everything else.

 0  Do you upload to my LinkedIn page?

Yep. Once we have decided what info should go on your profile, you share your login info with me, and I'll upload it. Of course, you should change your password when I'm through. Or, you can load it yourself if you prefer (and I'll knock $100 off the price).  

 03  Lots of providers write LinkedIn profiles. What's different about yours?

For starters, you deal with me directly. Most writing agencies assign your work to freelance contractors, so you never know whom you will get. Also, my approach to the About section is different from most. I write with your ideal prospects in mind by doing a brief bio in story form that speaks to your skills and their needs.

 04   How long does it take from start to finish?

Depending on your availability and the turnaround on photos and graphics, about five business days. If you're in a hurry, I can step up the deadline (but that steps up the price as well).

 05 Is my profile optimized? 

I optimize according to LinkedIn best practices. Keep in mind that your target audience (recruiters, sales prospects, etc.) will affect how your profile is written. I recommend a focused approach.

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